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Durable 70 Premium

The Durable 70 Premium door is an excellent solution for both residential constructions and commercial or office buildings. The aluminum from which it is produced comes with increased resistance to forcing and striking and with the advantage that it does not discolour, does not deform in time and even after many years of usage will close and open as on the first day.

38 dB

1.2 W/(m2k) (0.21 btu)

Aluminum coplanar pofile with
70 mm (2 ³/₄ ")constructive depth which offers an elegant look to your home facade through the many color possibilities and alignment between the frame and the sash

Increased safety due to the possibility of closing in 5 points

Better thermal insulation due to the higher thermal barrier of
35 mm (1 ³/₈")

Possibility of instaling automated or emergency access systems

Opening types: interior or exterior

Aesthetic | Reliability | Insulation



  • Fine Cherry

    Fine Cherry

  • Mat Anthracite Grey

    Mat Anthracite Grey

  • Metallic Grey

    Metallic Grey

  • Ivory


  • Chocolate Brown

    Chocolate Brown

  • Black


  • Burgundy Red

    Burgundy Red

  • Textured Chestnut

    Textured Chestnut


    The linearity of the frame and the sash opens up many aesthetic possibilities both in size and in shape.

    Personalization with horizontal, vertical or oblique mullions and aluminum decorative panels.

    Variety of anti-burglary, secure, frosted and decorative glass.

    Colors: white, mate, metallic, textured, wood imitation, bicolour (RAL range) and even antibacterial painting.

    Hardware available in various shapes and colors, assorted handles and hinges, hidden or 3D hinges, applied hinges or space handles.

    Technical data


    70 mm (2 ³/₄ ")coplanar aluminum profile with thermal barrier


    Maximum size for doorswith one leaf
    1500 x 2900 mm ( 59 ¹/₁₆" x 114 ¹¹/₆₄")

    Glass & Panels

    2 or 3 sheets with a maximum thickness of
    48 mm (1 ⁵⁷/₆₄"). Ornamental panels with a maximum thickness of 48 mm (1 ⁵⁷/₆₄")

    Glass package rod



    2 gaskets


    Optionally, other security systems can be integrated: multiple locking points, hidden anti-burglary hinges or alarm sensors

    5 years warranty
    100% recyclable