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Elegant 76 Premium

It is one of the most spectacular doors from the design point of view but also the most innovative in terms of performance. The Elegant 76 Premium door is ideal for special architectural projects, the elegant appearance of aluminum cladding is perfectly combined with the functional benefits of PVC.

43 dB

0.95 W/(m2k) (0.16 btu)

PVC 5-chamber aluminum cladded profile with 81.5 mm (3 ¹³/₆₄") constructive depth, that gives you an almost unlimited variety of colors options

Optionally, extra bolts can be mounted in the hinge area to increase security

Even better thermal insulation due to the possibility of building doors with panels up to 91 mm (3 ¹³/₆₄") thickness

Hidden hinges

Opening type: interior

Character | Safety | Reliability



  • Pearly White

    Pearly White

  • Dark Grey

    Dark Grey

  • Grey


  • Chocolate Brown

    Chocolate Brown

  • Sandblasted Black

    Sandblasted Black

  • Chestnut


  • Golden Oak

    Golden Oak


    Choose your door model according to your home architecture: in one or more leaves, with skylights or side panels, with glass or decorative panels.

    Colors: white, wood textures, mate, metallic colors or bicolour (RAL range on the outside).

    Glass options: burglar, secure, variety of frosted  and decorative glass.

    Personalization with decorative panels.

    Hardware avalable in various shapes and colors, assorted handles and hinges, 3D or hidden hinges, space handles.

    Technical data


    PVC 5-chamber aluminum profile, coplanar, with a constructive depth of 81.5 mm (3 ¹³/₆₄")


    Maximum size for doors with one leaf
    1100x2500 mm (43 ⁵/₁₆" x 98 ²⁷/₆₄")

    Glass & Panels

    Galss or decorative panels of thickness of 91 mm (3 ¹³/"₆₄) can be mounted.

    Glass package rod

    Aluminum or Warm Edge


    2 + 1 gaskets


    Possibility of instaling automated access systems

    5 years warranty
    100% recyclable