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Elegant 76

The Elegant 76 door perfectly combines both the aesthetic benefits of aluminum and the functionalites of PVC, such as optimal insulation, high stability and impeccable working. Your customization options are practically limitless, the aluminum cladding gives you the opportunity to play with both the color of the profile as well as the colors of the panel or the type of glass.

43 dB

0.97 W/(m2k) (0.17 btu)

PVC 5-chambers aluminum cladded profile with
81.5 mm (3 ¹³/₆₄") constructive depth

High thermal insulation due to double sealling at the threshold

Perfect bonding of materials quality: aluminum resists to any weather conditions and PVC gives you good thermal insulation

Stability for high models

Additional safety items can be added to the hardware

Opening types: interior or exterior

Character | Safety | Reliability



  • Pearly White

    Pearly White

  • Dark Grey

    Dark Grey

  • Grey


  • Chocolate Brown

    Chocolate Brown

  • Sandblasted Black

    Sandblasted Black

  • Chestnut


  • Golden Oak

    Golden Oak


    You can order these doors in a variety of options: in one or more leaves, with skylights or side panels, with glass or decorative panels.

    Colors: white, wood textures, mate, metallic colors or bicolour (RAL range on the outside).

    Glass options: anti-burglary, secure, variety of frosted and decorative glass.

    Personalization with horizontally, vertically or oblique mullions.

    Hardware avalable in various shapes and colors, assorted handles and hinges, 3D or hidden hinges, space handles.

    Technical data


    PVC 5-chamber aluminum cladded profile with 81.5 mm (3 ¹³/₆₄") constructive depth


    Maximum size for doors with one leaf
    1100x2500 mm (43 ⁵/₁₆ x 98 ²⁷/₆₄")

    Glass & Panels

    Wide range of glass or panels up to a maximum thickness of 48 mm (1 ⁵⁷/₆₄")

    Glass package rod

    Aluminum or Warm Edge


    2 + 1 gaskets


    Increased security due to the closing system with bolts and hooks

    5 years warranty
    100% recyclable